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I cannot go back there, I do not know you, said the young man who was raised by a stranger.

A young man refused to go back to his relatives because they didn't raise him, he was raised by a white lady called Robertson agreed that he found a boy eating on dust bin. The young man grew up in the hands of miss Robertson she gave her education and all the good upbringing. Now his family members they want him to come back and stay with them.

It is said that this boy was found eating on the dust bin when he was still very young, this lady took care of him and educated him. He is now a medical doctor and he made clear that he doesn't know them they didn't raise him.

Social Media Users also think it's only fair for a young man to remain where he grew up. They are asking the same question where were relatives when this boy needs them? Now because he is a doctor they want to chop money with him.

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