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It ended in tears for Ama2000 who hosted house party in Bloemfontein as Policeman came to whip them

There is currently a video making rounds on social media platforms, especially on Twitter. And the video shows Ama2000 hosting what looked like a house party. It is believed the video was taken in Bloemfontein. In the video, young people can be seeing dancing to a loud music. And beer can also be spotted in the video. One person in the video can be heard shouting "No police can stop us".

Unfortunately, moments later in the video, a gentleman wearing a police uniform arrived at the house. As fate would have it, party goers can be seen leaving the house rushing as the policeman arrived carrying a broomstick. And the said policeman stood at the door of the house and he whipped those young people as they came out of the house one by one.

At this point in time, it is not known what might have triggered the policeman to arrive at the scene. What can only speculate that the loud music might have been the cause, because the building looked like it was a private property, not a night club. Some neighbors might have complained about the loud music. The video has since went viral. And so far, many people who are on Twitter have already viewed it.

Those readers who are interested in viewing the video can simply click here

Below is the screenshot of the tweet wherein the video was taken:

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Ama2000 Bloemfontein


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