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Road Accident

These Man Needs Our Prayer; Mzansi Please Pray For This Young Man. This Is What Happened To Him

These Man Needs Our Prayer; Mzansi Please Pray For This Young Man. This Is What Happened To Him


Mzansi have been poring heart to this young man who found his life threatened after being hospitalized for one and half month in hospital. Accorsing to the source the young man was involved in an accident where he nearly been Pronounced dead.

According to the pictures which was posted by his brother, his family has been praying so hard for him while he was fighting for his life. His brother took it to social media page where he thanked God for performing his miracle upon him. His brother has warned people to alway follow road signs and always wear seatbelt when you driving. He had reminded people that they should much about their life as they are the one who are in charged of their life and no one else.

With caption:

"Pronounced dead but God said no. August 5th 2021a nightmare occurred. My older brother my best friend, had gotten into a tragic accident. Having been ejected from the car and being Pronounced dead on the scene. Nothing But God and his angels saved my brothers life. The longest 3 1/2 months of my life we never left your side...switching shifts every night, on my knees everyday pleading. I wanted to just lay up and do nothing so depressed without you but I got my behind up everyday and moved until God said it's time for you to to come home. October 27th my brother was reborn. Love you tee tee. Thank you for those who were there for me in this dark time. Please ease Please wear your seat belts. Your life is not worth it...sometimes it's not even your fault, drive for yourself and others."

People around have been sending their condolences wishing speed recovery from the tragedy that happen to him. It was not easy for his family to pull it through but by the face of God they fight and conquer the dark cloud.

Mzansi let's help the family and pray for him as he continues to get better each day.

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