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A Dad in Tears After his Son Died at the boarding School

Date: 22/06/27


A Dad in Tears After his Son Died at the boarding School

Death is not a good thing and no one want their children or people to die, death just still them from us.

Death is the part of life and it is the thief that comes when we're are not expecting it to steal the people we love the most. There is nothing were can do to stop it but just to accept that we're are living with Death and anytime we might die or lose the people we love.

A man posted on Twitter sad saying his son died at the boarding School in unpleasant circumstances. He even asked God to stand with him now he need Him more than ever. He is really hurt about his son's death.

People commented to his post and here is some of their comments.


May his Soul Rest in Peace. It is not easy to lose your person who is close to you or your children. Dad, it won't be easy but you need to be strong for your son

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