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UNBELIEVABLE! SEE What A Wife Saw In Her Husband’s Room Few Minutes After He Died

"See" What A Wife Saw In Her Husband’s Room Few Minutes Shortly After He Died

According to PUNCH, tensions in Edo were rising as a result of the unfortunate deaths of two men called Ebafor, 25, and his companion Alex, 36, at Igarra Hospital in the state capital.

A witness who was at the scene and was aware of the incident, according to PUNCH, stated that their deaths seemed as the two men were performing money rites and that they returned to the scene in a severely injured state.

An anonymous source told police that one of the guys, called Ebafor, was with his aunt the night before she died and was drinking when she started crying for money and claiming that Alex (who also died) was a lousy friend around 9 p.m. The man was arrested and charged with murder. And he exclaimed, "Ah, look, money, plenty of money!" The friend Alex is a bad friend, a really bad friend.

They began attempting to calm him down when he informed them of his inappropriate behavior; but, when he began vomiting blood, he was promptly sent to the hospital.

Additionally, an eyewitness stated that they carried him to the hospital approximately one hour after the event, where he was evaluated by a physician upon his admission. Meanwhile, while the doctor went about his job, he began shouting the name of his friend Alex at the hospital, prompting him to wonder aloud whether the Alex he was referring to was the correct Alex.

While Ebafor was resolving his issue, Alex was reportedly resolving his own, having talked with his wife, who was selling fruit outside Afekhai Junction in Igorra, instructing her not to return home after a day of peddling. However, she was perplexed by her husband's words and arrived home to find him stretching and murmuring something strange.

The PUNCH report states that she later summoned some neighbors who were assisting her in fleeing from her husband and had them accompany her to the hospital where Ebafor was preparing space. After a few minutes of similar behavior while both in the hospital, the two friends were able to exhale a sigh of relief and leave the hospital together.

His wife reported that while driving home from work, she found a fire in the living room and a box in their bedroom. Another thing they saw was that after Abefor's room was combined, they noticed several charms on the floor of his chamber.

The police have taken two sections of the Garra, but the residents of the area have requested that they be removed from their homes. Ebafor, 25, and his companion Alex, 36, died tragically in a hospital in Igarra, Edo, after being admitted there for treatment.

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