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Theft robbery

A stolen car was recovered as hijackers tried to get it over concrete barriers at border

The crimes that are reported to the police, virtually on daily basis are mostly never not also involve carhijacking. The police have failed to have a proactive strategy to prevent this crimes, the hijacking of cars is a prevalent crimes that you encounter in the country.


The hijackers ussually target valuable cars which are expensive and they strip them for expensive part to sell or the would smuggle this cars outside of the country via boarder points, usually they bribe the police who are corrupt to gain or use complex strateg to move the cars to neighbouring countries such as disgusting the trucks that are this cars as cars transporting ordinary goods.


But sometimes the police bust the criminals of this type. Such was the case, the police recovered a stolen Toyota car, the car was intended to cross the border of KZN. The criminals intended to move the car on top of the ramps but the ramp fell and the car caught fire.

The people who have been voicing out that crime inthe country is conducted by foreigners or involves such are seen as Xenophobic, is it?


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