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Surprisingly, Lebohang Ndlovu is a man from Bangladesh

Meet Lebogang Ndlovu a South African who was arrested by Home Affairs officials at OR Tambo on Wednesday when he wanted to leave South Africa, surprisingly Lebogang Ndlovu is a man from Bangladesh this is how rotten and infiltrated our country is with Home Affairs officials being in the fore front. Continue to call us xenophobic and all kind of names one day you will realise that we fought for your kids to be free from criminals, who infiltrated this country. But the danger is same people you are protecting will one day harm your family members as they don't careThe fish start to rot from the head if juniors see nothing being done they continue with impunity, Motsoaledi is working hard to challenge and fight the rot but they are fighting but we should support him but for as much as our house is not clean we will never win against this. Someone arrested Lebogang this time around it's a known fact that other Lebogang's have passed with compensation to our brothers and sisters who were in the previous shiftHome Affairs officials who have been and still continue to sell our documents such as passports, IDs, Permanent Residency and Marriages to foreigners etc must be declared public enemies and traitors and be charged with treason. We as a country need to make some legislative changes to make this issue a serious crime

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