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South Africans think that this is witchcraft

Two soccer stars from KwaZulu Natal in mtubatuba have been killed by a lightning strike . It is said that the two were just coming back from a soccer practice .

The two boys who were In Their mid to late twenties and they were the bread winners in their families and the families have now pleaded for help in the community.

KwaZulu-Natal's residents were warned that there would be severe thunderstorms yesterday and today. The warning said that the thunderstorms would be categorised by thunder, lightning, hail and wind.

However some South Africans took to the comments section to say something else totally different .they say that it is uncommon that a person dies from ightning strikes and highly unlikely that a lightning strike could hit a person .

Many started saying that there was witchcraft involved with some believing that the incident is quite natural and can happen to anyone .

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Source: Briefly South African News

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