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Bad news to South Africans this evening

Source: AB

South Africans received unfavorable news today.

With so many pressures on people's lives, loadshedding and other types of power interruptions are without a doubt not treating South Africans well.

Due to the Republic of South Africa's electrical crisis, a lot of small businesses are closing down, and a lot of individuals are now losing their sources of income.

Eskom, the only source of electricity in the Republic of South Africa, has informed communities that load shedding will resume today, which was bad news for South Africans.

According to Eskom, "Stage 2 loadshedding will be introduced at 16:00 - 24:00 today afternoon and at the same time on Thursday afternoon. This has been previously informed."

This will increase the pressure currently being placed on individuals and businesses.

In the interim, the government intends to raise the road fee and compel people to purchase electric vehicles! When just one car consumes enough energy to power an entire neighborhood, how can electric cars benefit the grid?

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