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Theft robbery

They are crossing boundaries: See what criminals have been caught with In Soweto.

Crime rates continue to rise, with thousands of criminal cases being reported to various police stations. Crimes such as theft, car theft, money laundering, and human trafficking are a major problem in this country. People are now afraid to go out in the evening because they are afraid of being robbed by thieves.

 The case has reached a point where even farmers are being killed and given what they have worked so hard for. It was in the back where I heard that things like pets were stolen. But lately, the thieves have taken everything. Cattle theft is rampant in the country and criminals are said to steal the animals for money. According to reports, some of the terrorists still own cattle and take them to neighboring countries.

 Many criminals have been detained on the Zimbabwean and Mozambican borders for smuggling cattle, goats, and sheep. South African vehicles say two animals have been caught in the back of the vehicle. Stolen animals can see a very high shot. The robbers were caught at the border, attempting to deport them illegally.

 Some of the criminals who do this are strangers. They still have livestock here and take them to their country to do business with them. It can be very frustrating to keep your pets in order to make your fortune for someone to come and steal.

 People who commit crimes such as hunting and kidnapping should be arrested and detained. Unless they are foreign nationals, they must be sent to their home country.

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