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Jewellery Store Robber Shot Dead In A Million Rand Heist

The suspect unfortunately passed away while he was perpetrating a jewellery heist at the Monument Mall in Kimberley, things got heated up and went bad when the security officers came to the scene in order to stop the crime that was being perpetrated after the panic button was pressed.

The suspects made it to the Jewellery store and started breaking the glass and taking all the jewellery that they could get their hands on they came with a blanket in a group of about 9 perpetrators of crimes and then they loaded up the jewels inside the blanket and then proceeded to drag it out of the store.

Armed security guards who responded to the incident started shooting the suspects because they were dangerous and had to be brought down, the incident has taken social media by storm because a lot of people are now wondering how long these perpetrators of crimes have been running around freely it is believed that one suspect was shot and the remaining suspects managed to escape the scene but some of the suspects apprehended in the crime scene.

The law enforcers are encouraging members of the public who might have information that could lead to the arrest of the remaining suspects to come forward, and give up the information - the suspects might have gotten away with the jewellery worth millions of Rands and right now the staff of the shop is shaken about the whole experience.

The suspects were pretending to be shoppers inside the jewellery store and they proceeded to take the security guard hostage and disarmed him then proceeded to point their firearms at the staff who were inside and then they held up the store and proceeded to break the glasses and load up the jewellery and fled the scene.

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