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Rape Obscene

"Mbuyiseni Ndlozi raped me". Mzansi reacts to an article posted by daily sun.

Daily sun released their front cover headline on Twitter and captioned it "in tomorrow's news follow for more information." The whole story was later released and Mzansi is not impressed.

Apparently a woman is accusing the EFF member for raping her at a party. She said she identified him after searching 'Quinton' on Google and his picture showed up. Ndlozi managed to give a statement saying he Hope's the real perpetrator would be found.

But then how is Mzansi reacting to this. I've noticed that this topic has managed to divide social media into 2 sides. One that believes the story and one that doesnt believe the story.

On Twitter those who dont believe the girl and story are posting things like "She is confused. Her story makes no sense Because she googled Quinton and found Mbuyiseni Ndlozi then he has to pay for being Quinton as second name. If you dance with Savanna on top of your head you will feel dizzy next thing you wake up with pain on private part." And "The story doesn’t make sense; how did she Google someone she doesn’t know ??? And when you Google Quinton you don’t get ndlozi you get Quinton de kok"

While some are saying things like There was a girl in the EFF who once spoke out during the #MeToo movement about Ndlozi Raping her & others, so I am honestly not shocked that Ndlozi is yet again accused of Rape!!Don't let EFF mushrooms bully to think you are vile or something they protect Patriarchy as much!".

I however feel like the story is a bit sketchy and how she couldnt identify him without Google, when he has been in the news for years is puzzling me. But again we can't say anything until Ndlozi is proven Innocent or guilty.

Do you think Ndlozi is guilty?and why? Leave your comments below.

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