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A pastor at Bushiri’s church was shot dead while praying in South Africa

It is alleged that Shepherd Bushiri’s pastor – Apostle Eric Bhuka from the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church was shot dead in South Africa.   

God will punish who ever did that , this person was a father to someone. Bloody charlatans, who knows if it was not Bushiri himself who organised the hit. I mean they used to steal from the poor together. What happened is a crime. We cannot have criminals roaming freely on the streets. If Bhuka was linked to any fraud related issues he was going to have been long arrested with Bushiri. Then again even if he was linked nobody has the right to kill another person unless if their life is in danger. It's so sad to see numerous people celebrating crime. Bhuka was not Bushiri and even if he was Bushiri nobody has the right to do such things. Where is the law?

These will be the holding side of bushiri not to come.back

They should leave our country and close all churches associated with this bushiri guy.

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