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Two-year-old girl killed a snake in revenge for biting her lip by sinking her teeth into it.

On August 10, neighbors in the village of Kantar, in the province of Bingol, Turkey, heard the toddler's cries while she was playing in the backyard of her family's home. She was only known by her initials, S.E.

When they rushed to rescue the child, they discovered that she was holding a 20-inch (50-cm) snake in her mouth and had a bite mark on her lower lip.

According to local media, the neighbors dispatched paramedics after administering first aid and killing the snake.

The child was taken by ambulance to Bingol Maternity and Children's Hospital, where she was kept under 24-hour surveillance.

She is currently said to be healing and doing well.

Mehmet Ercan, her relieved father, who was at work when the snake bit, said, "Allah has really saved her.

My neighbors claim that when my child was holding the snake and playing with it, the snake bit her.

As a result, she bit the snake in return.

An adder bite recently caused an eight-year-old boy's hand to grow "five times the normal size," necessitating an emergency trip to the hospital.

When the poisonous snake attacked Jake Closier, he was on a day excursion to the beach.

He was playing in the sand dunes with his mother Sophie, 32, and father Kenny, 33, at Norfolk's famed Hemsby Beach when the snake sprang at him.


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