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'This Is What Is Happening In Seshego Currently

SESHEGO - There is an alarming rise in attacks in homes and shops allegedly controlled by the foreign national in Seshego, Extension 71, Legae la batho and surrounding area. It is reported that those people go around carrying firearms and using them on people most of the times they enter homes and hold everyone hostage until they get whatever they want, they also go to shops and hold them shopkeepers at gunpoint and start demanding whatever that is been sold in those shops including money.

South African citizens are not happy with this and they are now saying foreign nationals should go back to their homes because, it is not nice to have a person who's more like a visitor terrorizing you. The worst part is that most of the Crime that is done in South Africa is being committed by foreign nationals, and this is not something that South Africans are just guessing but something that we have been seeing over the years.

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