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"He Invited me to His House at Night, Forced me to Undress & Later Chased me Out " Campus Girl Says

A 32-year-old man was charged with defiling a 22-year-old college student. Gyan (not her real name), who appeared in court today, is accused of committing the offense while the student was en route to a hostel.

Numerous students have perished as a result of love triangles that occasionally occurred between them and their lovers while living in the school lodge.

Similarly, off-campus students may end up inviting their boyfriends from other hostels if they spend the majority of their nights together as a couple.

Numerous university girls have been compelled to engage in behaviors they would not normally engage in with people with whom they do not yet share a strong chemistry.

According to The Standard Digital, a university student revealed how a friend introduced her to a man who sexually abused her. Although their relationship was still in its infancy, it was clear from the girl's WhatsApp conversation with her new man that she believed their relationship would eventually lead to marriage.

Her boyfriend invited her over for the night and she simply showed up. Soon after they spent time together, he took the girl's hijab and handbag and locked them in the wardrobe, telling her he would keep them until she satisfied his desire and made him feel like a real man.

She yielded and appeased him, but the man ejected her from the house in the middle of the night following a few moments of sexual pleasure. She testified in court that the man defiled her against her will and chased her out of his house at midnight.

This demonstrates that the man was only concerned with obtaining what he desired and had no desire to be in a relationship with a lady who wished for him to discontinue dating small boys. Would you do this to a woman as a man?


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