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Found this hair inside JoJo tank we drink water from, could this be a sign of witchcraft lady shared


Lady shared what she found inside the water they have been drinking all this time. She explained that since her community is struggling with water. At home thru bought a JoJo tank for themselves in order to access water easily. But this time what they found got them thinking twice.

She took to social media with a broken heart as she believes that someone could be busy trying to eliminate her family. She wrote ''I am asking for assistance, yesterday while cleaning the JoJo tank found this hair in the water we are drinking". We buy water from the river is this a sign of witchcraft she said.

People who viewed the image closely explained that what she shows is common and found from the river water. But by the look of how it looks one would strongly believe that it is rare from someone. Since her family bought a tank, neighbors couldn't help it but do this to her. What lady didn't know is that this is algae and it helps with the cleaning of water.

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