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OPINION| A Sad Day to the Zimbabwean Family as They Lost Two Sons

PATSON DZAMARA, I dedicate this special day to a brother, the late Patson Dzamara. The family informed us that they are unveiling his tombstone in Mutoko today. We lost a fine young man whose only quest was to find what happened to our still missing brother Itai, rest In power PD ~ Nelson ChamisaSometimes when death strikes this way it looks like it has worn, our hearts will be left in pain and our faith is tested. Suddenly when we start accepting it then the thoughts of the good times we had had we the departed loved ones will flourish our minds, and that's when you'll realize that though they departed physically but they'll live in our memories foreverPatson death hit me hard he died not knowing what happened to his brother, all he wanted was for Zimbabwe to be a great place for everyone. We truly owe it to the Dzamara family to find out what happened to their missing son in our new Zimbabwe, they literally lost 2 sons to the fighr for freedom. We need to recognise these 2 men as heroes of change, they should be like many others be included in history books as they truly fought to the very end for justice. Someone somewhere knows what happened to ItaiHow they go home to they families and sleep at night these animals is beyond me, we need to teach in schools our post independence history so that future generations, know what corruption did and should never again be repeated in Zimbabwe. In school I never learnt much of our Zimbabwe history I love history and I find it very much sugar coated to suit this regime We need to write the wrongs that have been committed and the families affected, our leaders in our new Zimbabwe need to address them. It’s a way to heal the nation and our standing and fallen heros of change Patson, I pray we will find out what happened to ITAI so you mother can finally have some form of closure about ItaiI learnt today that ‘Pasi naye’ on Zanu pf slogan simply means let us take him to the grave. Pasi is the soil where you are burying the youths of Zimbabwe for speaking against your government but I promise you they are a seed, the seed shall rise from the ‘Pasi’ and fear will be a thing of the past

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