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When it rains it pours for Jub-Jub as he allegedly reported he used to sell prostitutes in jail

Jub-Jub our beloved musician and TV presenter, accusations keep on coming forward. Now besides the issue of him being accused of raping Amanda, besides the accusation against him, allegedly as raped Kelly Khumalo and other young girls. Here comes another one, it says Jub-Jub used to sell prostitutes in a prison.

They say he used to be part of a certain gang that was selling prostitutes in prison. Now that exposes Jub-Jub as the worst criminal ever, we might even here soon about human trafficking, I'm just saying. It shows that he has always been criminal behind a handsome face, not just to woman, but even to kids, as he is also allegedly accused of raping young girls.

This man is a serious criminal that does not need only physical rehabilitation, but also needs a spiritual intervention. It is really bad, if it is all fabricated stories against him, then whoever is coming up with this, or compiling this against him, that person hates him, not a bit but so much.

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