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Another 6.5million gone, time to put ANC and put out failed projects they did in our communities

I think before government projects are done they must be a community meeting notify the community about the project and costs, the annual ward budget and projects must be communicated openly to the community as stakeholders.

There are IDP planning wheerein the community is imvolved in prioritizing projects . Prior to this the pablic participations are done in this form :

1. IDP roadshows done twice -October and March (Oct9ber is when community lists theor desired projects ) and in March they get.

But clearly is not an effective means of communication, they are radio,tv,social media and all sorts of communication tools they can use to reach a broader audience, to enhance community engagement.

The problem is projects a driven by ward councilors and provincial leadership, but they don't consult the community, thats why they build a park when a community needs a library, cause they out of touch with key stakeholders "the community" they will forever misfire.

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