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Sangoma caught at night at graveyard doing this - "witch" they said trying to attack her


This thwasa was discovered bare chested and brandishing a rapier in the middle of a cemetery. Her mom thinks she has mental problems as a result of not graduating from her thwaso school. She was also apparently discovered unclothed inside the Valley, south of Joburg, in one of the oldest tombs, on September 21st.

She was bare-chested and so saved by the pearl bands on her forearms and the jagged okapi in her palm. Intruders mistook the 30-year-old woman for a witch inside the Hlala Kwabafileyo tent in Sharpeville, Johannesburg. Since you are aware that practically every society has a tradition of murdering and burning people accused of witchcraft.

They were about to attack her because they thought she was a witch. Fortunately, her grandmother arrived just in time to calm them down. The thwasa's 72-year-old mother, however, claimed her daughter was not a witch and told the neighbors during an interview with a local newspaper.

She said that as a result of their intwaso journey, her granddaughter was having ancestral troubles. When visitors arrived to see the thwasa, she was still wrapped in her sangoma cloth, afraid and silent. At 2 a.m., the mother went to use the restroom and discovered her daughter sleeping on the floor.

While we sat there conversing, I eventually dozed off. "I saw her door was slightly ajar when I awoke and went to check on my child," she explained. When her eldest daughter called to say that something had gone horribly wrong, she claimed she immediately sensed something was awry.

My elder daughter called to tell me that her sister had been caught naked and holding a knife, and the caller claimed to be a friend of hers. She made a declaration. "I was driving to the graveyard when I saw my daughter sobbing and attempting to murder people we couldn't see," she added.

It wasn't the first time, according to the family, that something similar had happened. They're angry that she didn't finish her work since they're living off of my grant money, adds the mother. Her relatives petitioned the government for financial assistance so that she might complete her studies.

According to traditional authority Langalibalele of the Cannibal tribe, the thwasa was punished for her brilliance. The guilty individuals were punishing their gobela for their ritualistic behavior, and the child was a potential source of money and blessing for those pursuing them. They had chosen this woman by hand.

"Her gobela will have the freedom to determine how to treat the live thing entrusted to her care. She asserts that the general public should be made aware that "not everyone found unclothed with pearls is a witch". Gobela apologized to his 52nd thwasa after the event and went to meet his family.

She has various life experiences as a result of her incomplete rituals and lack of graduation. After that, he made a commitment to take the young lady and ask her ancestors to ease up on the beatings for her. The street noise woke Duduzile Hadebe, 30, up, according to Hadebe.

"I refuse to leave the graveyard. There was nothing in the region except for ambient noise. Going outside gave me the biggest shock of my life. When he reported her to police, he said she was "shirtless" and "brandishing a knife."


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