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African Archives, read what happened to the man that took this photo: Opinion

The man is reported that he committed suicide, as you can see that those are words that were quoted from him before he commit suicide. He could not bear the guilty that he was holding a camera watching a vulture eating this boy to death, or wanting to see the next movie of the vulture on the helpless life.

So the boy died, all because this guy wanted to take a picture that will make him famous, so I think that guilty, I think that's what he's referring to in his words, when he says, "I could not bear the thoughts of guilty and murder! Such an occasion like this can haunt person, trust me.

A vulture waits for a starving boy to die, so it could eat him, Sudan, 1993. The South African photojournalist, Kevin Carter who took this photograph won a Pulitzer Prize for his image. 

However, the darkness of that bright day never lifted from him and he committed suicide a year later in July 1994, writing, “I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings and corpses and anger and pain.”


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