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In Shock| Daylight Robbery In Troye Street - Look What They Did To A Motorist

It is very sad that we live in a world full of selfish people who are only looking out for themselves. We live with people who do not want to work for their desired lifestyles, but they want to steal from others. Until now there still hasn't been a solution for crime and it is quite disturbing because a lot of people are affected. In some communities it is very difficult to commit crime because those people are there for each other. They never let a perpetrator get away with crime even if it does not affect them personally, they fight for another individual.

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In some places especially those urban areas, everyone minds his/her own business and no one is looking out for another person that is why crime is easy to commit. It is very sad because most of the time some of these perpetrators won't even be having firearms, they just approach the person who looks like a target to them unarmed. There is an incident that happened today in Troye street, between Commissioner and Nugget. A motorist was robbed in broad day light in front of people. No one helped this victim, everyone was just passing by.

Some people are tired to a point that they buy legal firearms in order to protect themselves. It is not nice at all to go around with a firearm but these people are left with no choice, because in this world it is survival of the fittest. These perpetrators do not care whether they take your life or not, at end of the day they want to leave with your possessions. This really needs to be stopped before a lot of people lose their lives in the hands of these perpetrators. It is also sad to lose your hard earned money to perpetrators, law enforcement officers have to do something about this.

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