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Another Important Municipal Building Was Spotted Burning In The Night

Many people have been observing an incident where buildings have gone up in smoke and have been wondering what is this attack on our society because it seems like it is something that is being done at a grand scale and it is definitely a nuisance and causing much unneeded problems.

Happening Now with the Town hall in Christiana North West Province is on fire and the fire services were called to the scene to help with putting the fire out because it was spreading quickly, but all the attempts from the authorities seemed to be futile.

At the end of the day nothing concrete was done to fix this problem and unfortunately this is what we are going through as a country and it is a serious crisis that needs to be dealt with because it is spiraling out of control, members of the public have made efforts in order to ensure that the authorities were called to tend to the scene.

These fires have been very weird to many members of the public to such an extent, where most people want to associate them with political fallouts because they also tend to affect the ordinary members of the public in a negative way.

We hope that the individual who is responsible for this fire is arrested and brought to justice because this is definitely something that we don't want to see a repeated of because if this is allowed to go on, in no time we will have no public buildings to speak of.

This started with the violence that we have been seeing recently, but we also have to take into consideration the fact that these constant power supply disturbances brought on by the Load shedding can also be a factor because there has been cases to prove that sometimes fires start when the power comes back on.

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