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Houses damaged by floods, sad photos

Good evening everyone, i hope that you are having a lovely Wednesday. Today i want to share with you some sad photos of people's houses getting damaged by floods. These photos will make you appreciate the home that you have.

Flooding is something that sometimes happens without much warning. Very heavy rains can cause extensive damage to buildings, cars and houses leaving many people homeless.

Buying or building a house costs a lot of money. We all need a house, to keep us safe and warm from the cold. Our homes is the one place that we feel the safest in. Memories are made in houses, of special times spent with family. Sadly flooding can happen and wash homes away.

Thank you kindly for reading, if you have time please share this article.

May the souls of all the people who died in flooding rest in peace.

Kind regards, have a nice night.

Content created and supplied by: Melissa_M (via Opera News )


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