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Club Owner Gets Saved By His iPhone After Hitmen Opened Fire At Him

It has been revealed that the KwaZulu-Natal businessmen from Mlazi, the owner of Max's Lifestyle Lounge was attacked yesterday night when he was coming from his place of business it has been alleged that two suspects approached him and then opened fire shooting him several times around his body and head, but it has been revealed that when they tried to shoot his head they fortunately enough hit the iPhone.

At the time the businessman was on a phone call with someone so the bullet didn’t penetrate through his skull now many people are saying that it is a miracle and that it wasn’t his time to die and that is why he was saved, the hitmen are known to be very vicious and to kill people for a few thousands of rands.

They only need an order from the procurer of his services to say who is the target and how much are they getting paid, for them to kill someone. They do not even consider the fact that that person might be someone who is bringing a lot of changes to the society, and it is believed that hitmen often charge a lot of money to assassinate public figures so we can understand that they really were paid a huge amount of money in order to assassinate this businessman.

Most people are saying we shouldn’t even look far in order to find the mastermind behind this attack and it has to be someone who was a close business opponent and who might stand at the better position to benefit from his downfall, an assassination attempt is not something that can be taken lightly because the person who had ordered it was very determined to end his life because he saw a potential benefit from it despite the sick and twisted nature of it.

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