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Some of the 9 cash-in-transit robbers killed in Botswana are from South Africa - SEE COMMENTS

There have been many South Africans who have been pleased with Botswana for taking strong action against criminals, some of whom are from South Africa. 

Police in Gaborone, Botswana, killed nine suspected cash-in-transit thieves from both South Africa and Botswana in a shootout. Police in Botswana say there was a shootout after 11 armed men attacked and stole money from a cash-in-transit van in the main mall of Gaborone. 

Those who took money from a store ran away from the scene, but police followed them and caught up with them at a place outside Gaborone. Police arrested a 30-year-old woman from Motswana after they got into a fight. Find: Four guns and an AK-47 were found at the scene. Most of the stolen money has been found. 

Herman Mashaba, the leader of ActionSA, has praised Botswana for taking this step. "People in Botswana do a great job. They don't have time for crime, which is why their economy has grown so much in the last 30 years "He said that. 

@Leslie1 So this other South African thief went to Botswana to do bad things. A lot of people from other countries commit crimes in this country. He is just like that, too. A good job was done by the police in Botswana. They took dangerous criminals off the streets. 

@McDee_ South Africans, unlike Zimbabweans, welcome this brave act by the Botswana Police Forces, which we think is very brave. It was well done. Any South African who commits a crime in another country should get what they deserve. 

@Real Liberty I thought South Africans don't commit crime in other countries. There is no Botswana in the game. 

@KhosaXikombiso They are Zimbabweans who have fake South African IDs. It's still good news, though. 

@PhutiMathobela Botswana is great because they don't raise criminals like we do in South Africa, which I like. There, they kill you. They don't have time for freedom or anything else. There are also reports that a suspect who is thought to have shot at a police helicopter in Rosettenville has been arrested in Tembisa. Police also took rifles, ammunition, police and G4S bullet-proof vests, as well as a lot of other things.

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