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Remembering the ladies who lost their lives in the hands of their partners

It has become fashion for South African men to rape, kill and even go as far as burning the remains of their partners. The motive for these killings still remain unknown. It could be that the ladies have had enough and wanted out of the relationship, it could be that there were arguments but these ladies now cannot come and shed the light of what happened during the day were they were killed in an inhuman manner.

We know South Africa has high crime rates and high unemployment rate but the cases of femicide have been higher in the last three years. Everyday we see someone being reported as missing and we all pray and hope for their safe return but only a handful come back alive.

It is even frightening that South African women are not safe at their homes and with those who McLain to live them. Here are some of the ladies who have lost their lives in the hands of men who claimed to love them. May we remember them and pray that their families find comfort.

Statistics show that every three hours a woman is killed in South Africa.This is five times the world average, making South Africa one of the unsafest countries for women.Half of all women murder victims are killed by men with whom they had a close relationship.

Leighandre “baby Lee” was killed by her police officer boyfriend in Wast London. She will never tell her side of the story of what really happened when her boyfriend decided to gun her down.

May her soul continue to rest in peace 🕯

One of the first woman to be brutally killed by lover and then set alight is Karabo Mokoena. No one would ever know what really happened to her because her life was cut short.

may her-soul rest in peace 🕯

The search for her disappearance continued for years while her body was in her house. She was said to had left for work and never returned till her remains were found burrried under a bathtub in the home she shared with her husband. She will never get the chance to tell her family what really happened.

May her would rest in peace 🕯

28 year old had her life cut short by her 42year old just and and sadly those who are close to her will never get the closure as the husband killed him self too, no one knows what really happened.

May her soul continue to rest easy 🕯

MAnother woman who lost her life in the hands of a person who took an oath to love her forever.

May your soul rest in peace 🕯

9 months pregnant and was said to have left to go for a job interview, only for the world to find out it was a set up by her boyfriend who apparently did not want a child. We know many Sputh African children come from one parent home, but the boyfriend decide to cut her life short.

May you continue to rest in peace with your baby 🕯

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