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"Having Enough Money To Buy A Car Doesn't Mean You Should Buy It, Here Is How To Spend Wisely" -Reno

"Having Enough Money To Buy A Car Doesn't Mean You Should Buy It, Here Is How To Spend Wisely" -Reno

Pastor Bemigho Reno Omokri, a best-selling author, human rights activist, and former Special Assistant to former President Goodluck Jonathan, has suggested that owning a luxury car should not be considered a priority when determining whether or not someone is a wealthy individual.

Reno Omokri is depicted in this photograph. Photo courtesy of Reno's verified Twitter account.

A pastor at the Mind of Christ Christian Center named Reno Omokri revealed this statement to the public through his verified Twitter handle, arguing that spending money on a luxurious lifestyle should always be the last thing done and never the first.

In his sermon, Pastor Reno emphasized the importance of purchasing a home as the first thing one should do after earning enough money, followed by making a long-term investment and setting up a fund for the education of one's children.

His tweet reads as follows: "Spend your money on luxury items last. Never be the first. It is your requirements that should be prioritized. The fact that you have the financial means to purchase a premium vehicle does not imply that you should do so. First and foremost, purchase a home. After that, make a long-term investment. Create a college savings account for your children. Needs come first, before wants!"

Reno took a screenshot of the aforementioned post.

Taking a look at what Reno Omokri has mentioned, you will see that it is really necessary for someone to first address their primary demands, followed by their secondary requirements. This is the same as obtaining assets first and then liabilities in the same order.

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