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Photos| People were Left In Stitches After Seeing What Some Men Allegedly Do When They Are Drunk


One of the major problems in our city is the abuse of alcohol and drugs by young people. Nowadays, it’s very rare to find a teenager who doesn’t drink alcohol or get into drugs. Drinking alcohol is a new fashion for our current generation. If you check all around lounges and cafes during the weekend, most of the people you will find there are teenagers and those in their early 20s. It is very sad to see bright futures being drowned in alcohol and drugs.



According to South African alcohol consumption statistics, the majority of people who use alcohol and drugs in South Africa are men, with men outnumbering women by a factor of ten.As men, we are faced with too much responsibility on a daily basis. That is why most men who are not doing well economically and emotionally choose to drown their sorrows in alcohol. However, that’s not justification for being a drunkard.



There have been photos of drunk men doing the unthinkable that have been making the rounds on social media. It seems as if men really find temporary happiness in alcohol because the things they do when they are drunk are out of this world. See the exposed photos below:




After these photos were shared on social media, many people were left in stitches. If you ask a sober-minded man to kiss another man, they can never agree, but surprisingly, they kiss each other when they are drunk. Ladies, you should start worrying when your man goes out with other guys, because what they do when they are drunk is really weird. See how people react after seeing these photos:




One thing you should know about alcohol is that it activates the real you. Men don’t kiss each other when they are sober-minded because of their pride and ego. The way a person reacts when they are drunk is their true self.


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