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Video: Thief Attempt To Steal Trailer Light From A Truck At The Traffic Lights

The lawlessnes in South Africa is probably at the highest level ever, criminals are no longer scared of getting caught, they commit their crimes on Broad day light while people are watching, they care less if they will be caught or anything, as long as they are aiming at doing something, they just do it without any fear or worry about the possibly aftermath, that is exactly what this criminal was doing, he decided to steal trailer lights from a truck and knew that the oy place where he can easily find a truck is at the traffic light where he will easily steal it.

A video has emerged on social media where this criminal knew that the driver of this truck he targeted would not be able to see what is happening behind his truck truck, so once the truck stopped at the traffic light, he jumped in on the raid and started dismentling the trailer lights with his bare hands.

On the video, this thug made up his mind that he was not going to let an opportunity to get the trial er light pass, once the traffic lights turned red, to him it was a golden opportunity to steal the lights which he probably already had a buyer for, he jumoed into the street, started pulling the lights, he managed to pull off the reverse light, then he moved on trying to pull off the break lights, unfortunately the other drivers who were witnessing the whole thing started hootong to alert the truck driver of what was happening.

When the thieve heard the hooters, he realised he could be caught, he ran away luckily he got away without causing any further damage to the truck, if he had managed to get that other light, things would have been bad for the driver, he should consider himself lucky that they didn't catch him, things would have ended in tears.


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