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(Mangaung Shutdown day Three) Cerculating WhatsApp Rumour

People have picked up rumours of the shutdown going to day three. This has brought fear into people as they thought the terrifying odeal has ended.

It was assumed that business will resume as normal on Wednesday 19th May 2021, School learners will be able to go back to school, Bread winners will be able to finally go to work. Late afternoon of day two shutdown whatsApp text began cerculating that the shutdown will remain in process.

The WhatsApp reads as follows!

Shutdown remains until MEC of Cogta dissolves the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality council and all senior managers, HODs including the city manager are expelled. 

The misleading communication by both MEC and Premier are aimed at dividing the community of Mangaung.

The shutdown communication can only be done by MCC leadership in community meetings. 

All Interstate Bus Lines passengers are advised as things stands the shutdown continues and as such no transport or any businesses are expected to operate in Mangaung until the demands are met by government.

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