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She Poured petrol on her four children and was ready to burn them, then something happened


Conny, a single mother of four, has had a heartwarming account of how she almost killed her children.

She had two children from her first marriage but failed after her husband became violent and spiritually abusive.

Due to financial problems, she remarried but soon after having a husband with two children, she became violent with her two other children.

Conny was devastated, and one day she planned to kill herself and her four children

Luckily he was rescued by a security guard who broke into the house before setting it on fire with petrol.

When her husband learned of the suicide, he promised to change.

For a few months, they lived in peace.

Sadly, after a while, the man threatened to kill the two children, who were not his own.

Conny was devastated, and she finally decided to end the relationship.

She rented a house and began living with her four children but life became increasingly difficult. She told her story on a Facebook group where people donated money so that she could live well with her children.

You've got a lot of customers since you're a solitary person.

Conny uses her story to encourage single mothers to put their children first and never to stay in a marriage where children are abused. According to him, he ruined the lives of his children out of love. The violence affected them mentally and emotionally.

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