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" Our shack is to small for me to eat the fruit": Family man of six shout for help

A father and husband from a family of six took it to the media this morning to plead with South Africans and the community members for help, as the city of Cape Town won't let them extent their houses.

Reportedly, the family has been living in the shack for years and it has even got to a point some kids sleep under the bed due to space. The family man says they tried to extent some rooms but the municipality demolished the structure and only left the shack standing.

The husband extended to say their house is too small where it takes him months to go to the garden to eat the forbidden fruit. This is so because he took two of his cousin to come stay with him, where in they have to go out in order to give each other space to bath.

It is also allegedly that the municipality has placed security guards to monitor if community members are extending their houses and let them know immediately.


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