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52 year old Grandpa slept with his own 22 year old daughter | See pictures below

52 year old Grandpa slept with his 22 year old daughter | See pictures below

It has been a disgusting day as South Africa people are in shock by an old Grandpa who slept with his 22 year old daughter, people have been sharing different reaction in this topic as it is reportedly that this has been happening for a long time which is estimated to be 10 years ago

The 52 year old Grandpa who is reportedly to be from Bulwer has been in relationship with his own daughter, for the long time as it is said that he has been in a relationship with his own daughter since she was 12 years old and they have been sleeping together, as per reports it is claimed that the family of this girl has once called a meeting about this matter, and the girl allegedly asked them that they will sleep with her if they say she must break up with his grandfather.

It is also mentioned that there's a step mother who is expected to be with this grandfather of this young girl but grandfather chose to be with this young girl, as this girl is reportedly to said she is covering for her late mother, as per reports it is mentioned that this girl has been once pregnant before and she said the child was for her boyfriend.

This has left many people with a lot of questions on how can the family let this thing happen because there's something they could do to prevent this from happening.

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