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More bad news for expected for South Africa in June

Living in the Republic of South Africa is becoming increasingly challenging since, on the one hand, the cost of living is rising while, on the other hand, there is a lack of work. 

Due to the lack of employment opportunities, millions upon millions of young people who have relevant education and experience are currently staying at home and not working. However, it appears that this will not prevent the government from increasing the prices of food and other essentials. 

Now, the price of cooking oil has already risen by just this year, along with the price of other foods. Every single month, the price of fuel goes up, and not just by a few cents but by more than R1 altogether.

Now drivers are being told to brace themselves for a significant increase in the cost of fuel in June 2022. This comes after another significant increase in the cost of fuel a few weeks ago, which prompted price adjustments from taxi companies. 

Because people in South Africa are already having a hard time making ends meet, the impending increase in the cost of fuel will make life even more challenging for them. 

In addition, analysts have cautioned that there is not much that the government can do to cushion society further because the increase is likely to be caused by causes that are outside its control.

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