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Tembisa 10: Here’s what we learnt from Independent Media’s investigation

a person sitting on a couchFree Media has delivered the principal scene of their eight-section docuseries illustrating their examination concerning the disputable Tembisa 10 embarrassment including the questionable revealing that a lady had brought forth decuplets recently. 

Following the distribution of their "Reality Exclusive" – created by columnist Piet Rampedi – questions emerged with respect to the authenticity of the cases. The weeks that followed saw incredulity mount, without any records of the exceptional births arising. 

Regardless of this, IOL and executive Iqbal Survey kept up with their account, demanding that the vanishing of the supposed infants was connected to a vile illegal exploitation organization. 

Tembisa 10 'dealt' – Iqbal Survey 

In the principal scene of the eight section series, Independent Media keeps up with that there is a general embarrassment unfurling, with claims that the Gauteng Department of Health, just as specialists and social laborers, are complicit in the dealing of kids like the Tembisa 10. 

Last month, Survey held a public interview wherein he laid out these charges as a feature of the discoveries of his group's examination concerning the matter. 

"There has been a dramatic ascent in the quantity of illegal exploitation cases worldwide. South Africa is no special case. Ladies and kids are succumbing to deceitful organizations managing in subjugation who supply the insatiable craving of nauseating beasts. We basically can't permit this to occur," he said. 

"Our approaching docuseries expects to approve the introduction of the decuplets, however critically, to help the gallant endeavors of those associated with combatting dealing and to make residents more aware of the conceivable outcomes of what's going on around them. What our group found in the thinking about this series is profoundly upsetting." 

What are the discoveries? 

So what have we gained from the principal scene? Here is a synopsis of the charges and discoveries: 

Bianca Van Aswegen from Missing Children South Africa recommended that there is "plausible that the Tembisa 10 infants were dealt". 

Autonomous Media keeps up with that Piet Rampedi had not failed in his announcing of the story, yet prodded that the discoveries of a well-resourced examination group uncovered criminal demonstrations that include high positioning authorities. 

Illegal exploitation is a developing issue in South Africa, with the 2021 illegal exploitation report refered to as proof that infants are habitually taken from clinics and sold for illicit selections and organ exchange. 

We'll need to trust that scene two will discover precisely what they've revealed, however so far we're no more like a complete reply with regards to where the supposed children wound up.

Tembisa 10: Here’s what we learnt from Independent Media’s investigation (

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