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RIP| She was sadly killed by a family member in a cruel way, for this reason

Family must always come first in a person's life. It should be a location where a person receives all of the assistance they require without a doubt, whether it is financial or emotional support; families should supply both.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in the majority of families; many families, particularly in Africa, struggle to embrace members of the LGBTQ community, making it more difficult for individuals to come out about their sexuality.

Members of the LGBTQ community often struggle with disclosing their sexual orientation out of fear of rejection by society and family. Numerous families have struggled to embrace members of the LGBTQ community due to what society and Christianity say; for many years, the LGBTQ community was regarded to be anti-Christian.

It gets worse when a person is rejected by their family due to their sexual orientation; some families actively seek out and disown their own due to their sexual orientation.

Sisanda Gumede, 28, of Umbumbulu, KwaZulu Natal, was stabbed and killed by her own cousin supposedly for being lesbian; the offender even went to the family and gloated, "I have killed your homosexual."

What kind of brutality is this, to murder someone and then gloat about it?

Rest In Peace, Her Soul.


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