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Road Accident

' Recklessness'. Cops stopped a drunk man but he defied their commands and this sadly happened

Getting behind the wheels when you're drunk is actually a very dangerous thing to do. You are gambling with your life if you drive when you're inebriated. Alcohol is involved in approximately 30-70% of fatal accidents and in 15 to 35% of crashes causing serious injury, constituting a major risk factor in traffic accidents. This problem is especially visible among young people who own cars and worsens on weekend nights.

Knowing how alcohol consumption impairs safe driving and skills, being aware of the associated risks, knowing the traffic regulations concerning DUI, and penalizing it strongly are not enough. Additional efforts are needed to better manage a problem with such important social and practical consequences.

Few days ago, a driver of a white Golf was commanded by police to stop but he didn't. He took advantage of the fact that his car is fast and stepped on the accelator pedal. Police didn't not let him get away with ease. The tailed him and his vehicle unluckily crashed and overturned.

The Golf driver knew there would be consequences after the cops find out that he was drunk and chose to speed off with an intention of running away from them. If he wasn't drunk he would have probably stopped.

Every day, many people drink and drive without seeing the harm it can cause. But does making it home safely or “getting away with it” make driving drunk a good decision? No, it does not.

Choosing to drive yourself home when you are impaired by alcohol is putting not only your own life at risk but also those of anyone else on the road while you are driving. Alcohol can impair your judgment to the point that you make bad decisions that you would not otherwise make, and would regret in the morning or when you sober up.

If someone drives drunk and survives a crash that injures or kills other people, they must live with the consequences. That emotional burden can be worse than any bodily harm. But the physical perils of drunk driving are immense too. Impaired driving can cause accidents that lead to paralysis, disfigurement, brain damage, and even death.

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