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UNyazi Comforted The Girl Who Was Embarrassed At The March

The lady who was embarrassed by Shembe church members during their march was comforted by uNyazilwezulu with lunch. Many might remember the girl who trended after she was chased out by Nazareth church members during the march that happened two weeks ago.

Mbali Nyandeni who was embarrassed by Inhlalisuthi during the march had recently visited eBuhleni. She revealed that she was invited by uNyazilwezulu who apologised for what members of this church did to her at the march.

'I was called by the top leaders and they told me i have been invited by uNyazilwezulu. I was feeling nervous though i had been told that the invite was for a good cause. I thought maybe they would turn against me and ask me some difficult questions about what I've done.'

'I couldn't believe the warm welcome they gave me, they were happy to meet me and they prepared lunch for me. I had took my mother and my cousins together with me. we were picked up by top leaders of this church from where we stay.' Stated Mbali Nyandeni

She mentioned that uNyazilwezulu asked her to come at eBuhleni as he wanted to apologise for the incident that happened to her. She said uNyazi wasn't able to eat lunch with her but she sent a report saying he will meet up with her some other time as he had to rush somewhere.

Mbali said she was offered alot of gifts and also taken back home. Nazareth members told her to contact them whenever she wishes to attend for a church service and they will come and pick her up. Mbali also explained about the video that trended on facebook where she was seen receiving an engagenent ring from one of the evangelists at this church. She said they were just playing around joking about marrying each other.

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