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The oldest woman on earth is celebrating her birthday today

The oldest woman on earth is celebrating her birthday today. It is no secret that it is everyone's dream to grow old and get a chance to see your grandchildren growing right in front of you. But After seeing the picture of the oldest woman on earth, Many people on Facebook were saying they indeed want to grow old, but they don't want to be this old.

According to WVA, this lady is from Pakistan and today she is turning 2010 years old "The oldest woman on earth from Parkistan is celebrating her 210 years birthday today" revealed WVA. People rushed into the comment section to share how they feel about this.Many people in the comment section were saying they are not being heartless but this old lady now needs to rest "This one suffers. Please if she falls sick, they should not take her to the hospital, they'll be prolonging her suffering" said a Facebook user. "Heavens forgot to call her!!" Said another Facebook user who believes that this old lady deserves to rest now.

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