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Young Couple Who Were Caught On CCTV Making Out In a Swimming Pool Have Been Identified have revealed the identity of the young couple who were caught on CCTV Making out in a public swimming pool. The couple were said to be high school students in Ghana. have this to say, “young couple said to be in Senior High School (SHS) made headlines on social media portals after they were caught on camera doing the DO in a swimming pool”. The young couple were identified after the CCTV video was zoomed by the owners of the swimming pool.

Recall that the said shameful video went viral on social media across the continent, and even made its way into many adults movies websites, causing the young couple pains. Some people lashed out mainly at the girl, as if she was the only one involved in the act. Some people even swore for her that she will be dumped by her boyfriend very soon and no one will marry her because of the video. Sadly, the video will haunt them for a very long time.

Even though the society is limiting the blame to mostly the lady, the man will also suffer stigmatization. In fact, he too should be lashed because, he could have been the one who initiated the act. Though many ladies are now being adventurous, it is very difficult before a Lady could initiate such an act and allow it to take place in public. More agonizing is that their parents, guardians, friends, families and well-wishers must have seen the video because everything on social media normally spread like wildfire.

This is why many young people especially ladies, should be very careful. If the boy dumps her, she will be done for. She will land in a very deep problem. What if someone come and play the video on the screen on her wedding day. Will she survive the trauma? Will she be able to stand the shame? Ladies wise up. It is not even advisable to do such things with your husband in public, not to mention your boyfriend whom you are not even sure he will marry you. This is the height of ignorance or stupidity. 

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