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Remember The Lady Who Was Beaten Inside a Police Station By Her Man? She Withdrew The Casee

The problem of gender-based violence is too wide in a way that it doesn’t need online police and the law to put a stop to it. It also needs women to be responsible for taking actions against the perpetrators. There have been so many cases where women get abused and still go back to the same person who abused them. Some even go on to tell people to stay out of their business, but when they get beaten they come and cry to us.


Not long ago, there was a viral video of a woman being burned by hot water by her abusive husband after he accused her of having an affair; the woman went live on Facebook, telling everyone how abusive her husband was, but the next day, she posted a video of them having a good time together as if nothing had happened the day before. Many people were so disappointed in her and even vowed not to ever interfere in her marriage issues.



Recently, there was a trending video of a lady who was brutally beaten by her husband right inside a police station while police were there. According to the reports, the lady went to the police station to report her abusive husband. When she got to the police station, the man followed her and beat her again inside the police station before walking out. This video has gone viral on social media, with people criticizing police for letting a man go after he beat a woman in front of them.





Now police have finally released a statement regarding that video. They said that the man was arrested but it was fortunate that the lady came back and said she wanted to withdraw the case against her man. The police had no choice but to let the man go since the lady withdrew the case. They even said that the case wasn’t recent but happened long ago. See the statement below:



After this was posted, many people were very disappointed at this woman. After all the things that people said, trying to get justice for her, and this is how she thanked them. It is true when they say sometimes women influence gender-based biome; they protect the perpetrators. See some of the comments from enraged social media users below.





This story might be two-sided. It might be that the man has been threatening the lady to withdraw the case, or the lady did so because she thought the man had learnt his lesson and she felt sorry for him as a girlfriend. In order to put a stop to GBV, police must not wait for the victim to open a case. They should give the community the right to open a case against a person regardless of what the woman says.


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