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Let's pray for her safe return| She was hijacked in her brand-new Audi and is nowhere to be found


A lady lady was reported hijacked along with her brand new vehicle. She was hijacked outside her home in Ext 2. Mzansi is pleading with anyone with any information about her whereabouts to please assist in finding her, the Registration is of the vehicle KF 16 BN GP and they are only praying for her safe return. Her name is Jabulile and she was also taken by hijackers and they don't know where she is.

Audi and polo are hijacked too much especially in Gauteng and Mpumalanga province join the group stolen cars SA you will see, not about how she bragged just her car was on the hot list unfortunately. Unfortunately we don't have police in South Africa, our police they work with criminals time for saps to change its recruitment process, people must go study policing and criminology then apply for saps posts maybe then things will be better. If the police was doing their jobs as they should they would be less criminal activities in this country. People are just joining the Police force, Nursing or Any Government Department jobs because of Unemployment and Connections, They aren't meant for them. Some Jobs needs a Calling to Join and a person should be passionate about their job.

Many people on social media are blaming the poor woman for getting hijacked as they say that she shouldn't have showed off her brand new car because there are a lot of criminals out there. Those of you that says she posted on social media. Are you saying everyone that ever got hijacked, was because they shared their vehicles on social media? This is pathetic, Hijackers can just spot you anyday, anywhere and anytime. Then take your car, you don't need to post 1st on social media to get hijacked. Most of us do post on social media, let's not blame her for being happy and showing off her achievement. So it's hers even if she posts the thieves aren't supposed to take it, it's like saying a woman must hide that she's a woman to avoid being assaulted. Let's focus on helping this distraught family than inflicting pain. Of course posting on socials increase percentage of getting hijacked,new car have one garage tracker or none,and be sides you sharing your addresses, that would be simple as that.

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Audi Ext 2. Gauteng Jabulile


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