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PAINFUL: See What One Of The Girls Who Died At Enyobeni Said Just Before She Died. Survivor Narrates

The nation is still reeling from the tragic loss of twenty-two young students, ranging in age from thirteen to seventeen years old, who were attending a bash. The young people were partying it up at a tarven in East London known as "Enyobeni," where they were celebrating the end of their final examinations. A day that should have been filled with happiness instead resulted in tears being shed. It was stated that twenty-two people were found dead inside the tarven in the early hours of the previous day. It was evident from the footage that has been going around on social media that this terrace was packed with people since there was a gig going on there.


As the investigation is still underway, those who were at the party and survived are being interviewed, and each of them always reveals something that leaves us heartbroken. According to the views of those who survived, if it wasn’t for God’s grace, over 100 people would have died.



One of the girls who survived and saw her friends dying revealed something that broke many people’s hearts. She said she’s struggling to sleep because she witnessed a young girl dying in front of her. She said the girl whispered "please assist me, I’m dying." These words keep on hunting her and she keeps on seeing her face. She’s having a tough time.



According to this girl’s report, security sprayed something that had a velvety strong smell and people started to lose their breath and fall down. This story broke many people's hearts. Some are advising her to get professional help since what she witnessed was bigger than her age. The girl who narrated this is just 14 years old, but her identity couldn't be disclosed since she's still too young.Black_Media would like to thank all the followers and supporters for the love and support, guidance you've shown us. We promise to always deliver quality and informative articles under fashion and beauty. Please continue to guide us by liking, commenting and sharing our posts. God bless you.


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