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RIP | ' People are heartless'. After 4 hours of searching her body was found here

People die like flies nowadays and it seems the human death rate is now alarming. What did they do to deserve sudden deaths?...

Death is unbearable especially to those who have lost loved ones. To be dead is not to exist at all, and there’s nothing unpleasant about that. No one minds being dead. The dead never complain, and not merely because their mouths have stopped working. They are simply no longer there to be unhappy or happy.

Think of the good things in life: pleasure, success, happiness, friendship and love, for instance. If such things are good, everything is. But we can’t have any of them if we’re dead. It is of great sadness to report to you that Malope's family will now have closure after finding the body of their own daughter, Refiloe. The search teams found her body dumped in a mine shaft near Benoni on Monday afternoon after 4 hours of searching.

Refiloe was abducted by two men who forcefully put her into the trunk of a Sedan in Limpopo. That was the last time many people including her family saw her. May her friends and colleagues also find closure and mourn accordingly.

We often think that we grieve because we cherish our memories of those we love. We also grieve because death brings an end to other people's memories of us. For us humans, life is a terminal condition, and we know that at least biologically, nobody has ever come out of it alive. Our loved ones play important roles in our daily lives, and their deaths leave gaping holes. Often, we want more time with them - more joy, more laughter, more healing - and death makes those hopes impossible to fulfill.

What we cannot contemplate is the death experience, an experience we are evolutionarily conditioned to resist to the utmost. It might seem appealing to suggest that what makes death a bad thing for a person is that it is the deprivation of good things already had by the person. Nonetheless, death of a loved one hurts so much.

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