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Johannesburg Is Investing Billions To Combat Load Shedding

We are all very aware if the real threat that is faced by the people of South Africa who have to endure unwanted episodes of load shedding, this has become a major concern for the whole country and apparently load sharing is also affecting the neighboring countries because they are also supplied by Eskom.

But it seems like the problem that is faced by the power utility is too great and will not end anytime soon, this is not a quick fix kind of situation that we are experiencing and it is sad because people are affected in a negative manner.

Johannesburg may soon join Cape Town in protecting residents from high levels of blackouts brought on by load shedding, many people are not amused with the constant power outages as if having energy is something that is impossible or we have to invent electricity first but that is not the case.

The City is investing billions to fix electricity infrastructure in the Johannesburg region, but we all know that there are bigger problems to the small fixes that they can achieve and this is something that is a reality in the country.

The blaming game will not help anyone and matter of fact we would better deal with this problem if we were united but we are not,PST that the people are doing is blaming Zuma's administration while others say that the country under Cyril Ramsphosa has faced nothing but decline.

We have to take note that macroeconomic factors are only felt years after the changes have been made, and we could as well be dealing with problems that em in a ted from Zuma's time without knowing.

And also we have to fake note that we have seen a rapid theft of railway infrastructure and it has surely devastated the power utility, but all this was done while the leaders were watching and doing nothing so what can we say.

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