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Video: Watch Motorist Robbed At Broad Daylight In Klerksdorp

The rate of crime in South Africa is high, people no longer have a freedom of walking or driving around the towns without any fear of getting robbed, wherever they are, there is that possibility of getting mugged at any minute, you just have make sure that you are aware of your surrounding and if you are driving, make sure that all doors are locked in order to be safe, but people in Klerksdorp in the North West province no longer walk around or drive in towns without fear, there are group of people who are terrorising the communities and it is no longer safe anymore.

Reports emerging from that part of the country suggests that criminals no longer wait for night fall to carry out their criminal activities, they do it at broad daylight in full view of people moving up and down in town, as long as they have targeted you, they attack.

According to reports, robbers in Klerskdorp CBD do it at daylight and these robberies are getting out of hand. It is alleged that there are gangster groups calling themselves Al Queda, Bokoharam and The Russians are terrorizing the community day in and day out and the law enforcements are not doing anything to get those criminals off the streets.

A video emerged on social media where four men could be seen robbing a motorist, they were draggimg and pulling his belongings after they opened the door of his car, they forced him to stop and started taking his valuables on while the entire community watched on, they did not even show any sign of fear or worry abiut getting caught in the act, they focused on making sure that they take what they are taking as fast as possible before they dash off with other people's items.


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