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Another Enyobeni tavern tragedy survivor realized the truth. Read more of the following

"I regret lying to my parents,"

A 14-year-old East Londoner who had informed her family that she would be attending a friend's birthday party on Saturday night spoke these comments.

She is a survivor of the incident that occurred early on Sunday at the Enyobeni bar in East London, Eastern Cape, and left 21 young people dead. She is a minor, thus her name won't be used."I'm seeing images from the past of some of the folks who passed away in front of my eyes. It's something I've never seen in my life, she remarked.

The girl, who sounded traumatized, struggled to complete sentences without pausing."I find it difficult to do anything. I am unable to sleep or eat. I frequently recall what transpired in that pub. I have to confront my parents, who are disappointed in me and are aware that I lied. As I can see, lying doesn't help, and I could have passed away there, so I'm also disappointed in myself," she added. The image of the other girl who passed away in front of her is one thing she is unable to shake from her memory."The girl pleaded with me in a hushed voice, 'Help me, I'm dying. She said this, and then she gasped. She said, "I can say that was her final breath.

I keep seeing her face and remembering her last words. Even when I'm just sitting, they keep coming to mind. It hurts too much. She claimed that although they were attempting to leave the tavern for some fresh air, doing so was challenging due to its crowdedness. The girl claimed that once customers began talking about having trouble breathing, they began to fall. She claimed that the place began to smell strongly and oppressively.

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