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In Shock| Look At The Current Situation In Glenharvey, Westonaira

Westonaira - There's a cash van that has been bombed, there were hail of bullets and perpetrators were spotted running from the scene. The incident just occurred a few minutes ago and it has left many people concerned. This has been going on for a long period of time and it seems like the government isn't doing enough to curb it from reoccurring which is very bad. The fidelity offices work very hard and they put their lives at risk on a daily basis because they face such challenges.

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Sometimes people on media tend to think that these robberies are due to inside jobs, because these perpetrators always know the location of the cash vans and most of the time they succeed in doing the robberies. Something has to be done about this because we cannot continue to live in an unsafe environment and this does not only affect fidelity offices but also are the citizens.

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Glenharvey Westonaira


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